Kaylee LeCavalier presents research at American College of Sports Medicine

LeCavalier’s project, titled “Salivary Lymphocyte Responses Following an Acute Bout of Anaerobic Exercise in Warm vs. Cool Climates,” was based on a study advised by Lara Carlson, Ph.D., associate professor in the Westbrook College of Health Professions, and Michael Lawrence, M.S., motion analysis laboratory manager and education coordinator. LeCavalier conducted research both in Maine and on a glacier in Iceland as part of an Environmental Physiology course developed by Carlson.

A collaboration between UNE and AboGen, a Maine biotechnology company, enabled LeCavalier to utilize new technology to obtain the same information from saliva as what previously could only be obtained from blood. AboGen collaborated on a research project on saliva blood cell isolation, conducted by Carlson and Ed Bilsky, Ph.D., vice president for Research and Scholarship.