Meet The Experts.

What if we could use saliva instead of blood to perform up to 80% of the 5 billion diagnostic tests completed every year in the United States alone. Hear what these experts have to say…

Stephen Andrews, PhD

Co-Founder and CEO, AboGen
Pharmacology and Therapeutics doctorate, McGill Unversity

“The AboGen S3™ A Saliva Collection Kit has the potential to disrupt the diagnostic industry and move the healthcare paradigm away from blood-based samples, which require hospital visits and high direct and indirect costs, to spit-in-a-tube saliva-based samples for diagnostic testing.”

Youssef Biadillah

Co-Founder and President

“The key feature of AboGen’s disruptive technology is its proprietary preservation solution. Unlike blood samples that must be quickly refrigerated and have a testing-life expectancy of just 72 hours, AboGen’s preservation solution protects saliva components at a biological half-life of up to 120 days at room temp.”

Fereshteh Jahaniani, PhD

Research Associate
Stanford University School of Medicine, Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine

“AboGen’s technology has greatly enabled my research. It is easy to use by the patient, noninvasive unlike blood collection, and has the great advantage of preserving the blood cells found in the saliva sample.”

Lara A. Carlson, PhD

Associate Professor
Center for Excellence in the Neurosciences, University of New England

“Saliva is a much more convenient method to study blood cells and blood proteins. In fact, utilizing Abogen’s technology and collecting saliva instead of blood has greatly decreased my subject-recruiting efforts while increasing the number of participants in my research.”

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