The S3™ A Collection Kit

Used for the collection
of all components of saliva

AboGen S3™ A Collection Kit is the most user-friendly oral fluid collection kit, necessitating minimal steps by the user:

The only saliva collection kit on the market that can preserve ALL the components of oral fluids for downstream analysis:

  • Extracellular factors including proteins, free floating DNA & RNA, viruses, and bacteria
  • Various cells including blood cells and epithelial cells:
    • 100,000s of lymphocytes per ml
    • 16,000 T-cells per ml

The only saliva collection kit that enables studies in:

Genetics; Epigenetics; Proteomics.

AboGen S3™ A Collection Kit preserves all the components of saliva for months at various temperatures.

Advantages of the AboGen S3™ A Collection Kit:

  • Non-invasive
  • Does not require medical supervision
  • Home-based compatible
  • Yields information that is equivalent to that obtained from a traditional blood draw
  • Collected sample viable for months, versus days when obtained from a traditional blood draw
  • Offers great economical and logistical advantages
  • Short donation time:
    • Below 1 minute on average to donate 1 ml of saliva
    • 5 minutes on average to donate 4 ml of saliva

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