The S3™ G
Collection Kit

Used for DNA collection
and preservation

AboGen S3™ G Collection Kit is the most user-friendly oral fluid collection kit, necessitating minimal steps by the user:

Technical Facts:

  • Yield: 75 μg/ml of saliva
  • Quality:
    • High molecular weight DNA
    • Minimal low molecular weight content
  • Stability: Long term stability (tested to 4 months) with no change in DNA yield or quality
  • Compatible with all types of DNA extraction platforms and with automated DNA isolation platforms

Downstream Applications:

PCR; Microarray; NGS.

Advantages of the AboGen S3™ G Collection Kit:

  • Non-invasive
  • Does not require medical supervision
  • Home-based compatible
  • Minimal user steps
  • Ergonomically designed for people with reduced dexterity
  • Preserves DNA for at least several months at room temperature
  • Short donation time:
    • Below 1 minute on average to donate 1 ml of saliva
    • 3 minutes on average to donate 2 ml of saliva

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